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  • Easy to use software
  • Secure employee data and payments
  • Send payments directly from software
  • Receive email notifications and alerts
  • Live telephone and email support

Easy to use software to create direct deposit files

Our desktop application was designed for ease of use. Intuitive navigation and clean interface make it easy to finish tasks in minutes.

Direct Deposit One software

Keep your employee and payments secure in one place

Files are securely stored in your local database. Choose to create files and save them on disk. Password protect application from unathorized access. All communication with the service provider is conducted over SSL connection.

Pay employees with ACH software for direct deposit

Submit files for processing directly from software

Once signed up for the service you will have an ability to send your files directly from the application using provided credentials. All you neeed is an internet connection.

Addardable ACH service

Get confirmations and notifications via email

Be notified via email when you file is uploaded or if there are any issues with the submitted payments. Stay on top of the changes and take action based on notifications. When email is not going to cut it - call the technical support.

ACH software with notifications

Live telephone and email support when need it the most

Sign up for the Basic, Standard or Professional plan and you will get answers to your question from a live technician over the phone. Email support is also available to all customers.

Affordable ACH service

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